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Hello people im back and this time im gonna tell you about heritage in one of the oldest city, British, UK this heritage is the history of railways that`s still alive. Many-many engines in that place like the GWR Castle, Union Of South Africa, Tornado, and many more. In this case for one of my hobby in my life, steam generation, maybe sometimes ill gonna made a post about cyclist in the world and tips and tricks for you MTB-ers and more about bikepacking. This is gonna tell the secrets of british that you don`t know, or maybe one of you know this. 


The main ideas of this article is about steam locomotives are one of the famous heritage in whole United Kingdom, not just any heritage, it tells too that, any hobby can be from many form, from photography until studying about the steam heritage in UK or United Kingdom. 

In UK they still kept their one of their proud, the steam locomotives.

So the point is this article is about hobby and heritage history that`s still alive in British, UK 


The writer`s purpose of upload this article is that we have to keep our proud heritage still alive in the reality of world, so that people can see that british or UK have a unique heritage that they have until now, and not just that, this purpose is so that people can be inspired and more interested with photography about vintage class, and about history that`s still alive.


The main reason why i choose this article is because, that i love all about vintage, heritages, history about railways, i am also a photographer in my student council community and my kompleks community, also in my biggest family.


What i feel about this article, that i`m glad that steam locomotives are still working in another place. But what im sad about is Indonesia have a really-really good at steam locos history it was made by the Netherlands, Germany and more, but now is only left in the Ambarawa train museum. 


This content is related with my life is because i am a photographer in my family, school, and in my kompleks or maybe house regency. After that since i`m a little kid like 2 years, i love steam train so much until my everything is drawn a steam locomotives until now, i start research about steam train when i have my own gadget like laptop, and also my phone so it was like, when i`m in middle school, or else junior high school.


Fun fact that you don`t know about steam locomotives in this world

  • There are many steam locos that are a same with the LNER A4, Mallard, 4468, this locomotive is the record breaker of the fastest steam locomotive in history, theres are more like Mallard but different name, from,  sIr nigel gresley, union of south africa, dominion of New Zealand, silver fox,  Quicksilver, king fisher and more.
  • The legends of steam loco`s are only two, the Flying Scotsman (LNER A3,1472), and the Big Boy (union pacific, 4014)
  • Many people don`t know that many locos, are using two tender, or else two cart in the back of the engines, one for the water and fuel or coal, wood and etc.
  • The record brakers are Mallard 4468 LNER A4, for the fastest steam traction 126 mph. And loco that pull the haviest cart is 2-6-6-6 or maybe the big boy, people are still confused with that facts.
  • The smallest steam locos are the gauge or live steam people have that for fun they ride it. 

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