1 of the cure

So the article was telling about 2 women that was fell sick in Wuhan, and one of them survive from the deadly virus that starts in Wuhan. Because of the people of China, eats everything, known because eating a bat soup. This women was survive from this corona virus, was cure in 13 March 2020, the patient was cured in hospital in Wuhan. Her name was Deng Danjing, she was cured in a several weeks in a hospital bed, and hooked up with VI Oxygen tank.

Deng Danjing was more convenient than Xia Sisi, because she was cure, is because her motivation to survive this desease. Also was better than Xia Sisi because her metabolism was stronger than Xia Sisi.

What I feel after reading thus article was proud because a mother of a family was very strong courage, to survive the corona virus, after the surviving time of this desease, and 17 days of recovery, she was out of the hospital, and take care again her family. About her freedom I was satisfy, because she got a second chance that god given to her so she can do e better things to do. Better then before.

About my life, against this virus carry on, I relize that the government gives us 2 weeks online everything, to reduces the spreading of this deadly virus. Also we need to do a social distancing and aware about our places. and sorry guys if I skip something one of the facts, thank you for reading to my blog see you guys next time, Oh! this is the link if you guys want to know deeper than this artile review. bit.ly/engkoffo



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